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A Motivated Workplace

‘CEOs should have fun, be real,’ says Executive Compensation Consultant

Brent Longnecker, Chairman & CEO of Longnecker & Associates (one of Houston Business Journal’s Best Place to Work winners) shares these “off the cuff” tips for becoming the kind of leader who will cultivate growth for your company and inspire your employees to tell people, “…this is the best company to work for!”

1. Have fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Leaders need to be real, not stiff. Acting aloof and better than those you lead is disastrous. Be spontaneous from time-to-time so those you lead see and realize there is a connection.

2. Don’t be afraid to delegate.  People want to make an impact, but how can they if the boss micro-manages everything? Oh, and it’s okay if mistakes are made in the process—it is part of developing.  Just be wise in when and what to delegate—especially early on.

3. Remember Your Mistakes. And when mistakes are made, deal with weakness as a way to develop people—not destroy. Work from a position of humor, grace and mercy…you wouldn’t be where you are if you hadn’t been afforded the same.

4. Praise those who perform well. Be aggressive and obvious by letting them know personally how much you appreciate them and why.  Make sure you let others know too, including their spouse and children, when possible.

5. Customize rewards. Remember you can recognize results with non-cash awards–things you have researched that the targeted employee loves. Again, where possible, use awards that include families and send the message “…we appreciate this person—he/she is valuable to us!”  Employees want those they love to be proud of them.

6. Ban the Blahs. Create an environment that is open, creative and alive.  There is nothing worse than a stagnant, stale company. If it can’t breathe, it will die.

7. Allow for dissent. As long as it doesn’t get personal and is done with respect, let people gripe and disagree. You may pick up some great “nuggets” on how to make positive changes in the workplace – and yourself.

8. Team Up. Give back to the community as a team.  There is nothing better than helping those that live in the community in which you live and serve.

Longnecker & Associates is an independent Houston-based executive compensation and corporate governance consulting firm with extensive experience in the analysis, design and implementation of innovative performance, governance enhancement and cost-savings programs for private, public and non-profit companies. 

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