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August 2017 L-Blast – CEO Pay Ratio Caps Will Not Work | Occupy Wall Street: Why Ben & Jerry’s Endorsement Rings Hollow | Is Executive Pay Excessive?

Dear All,
Summer has quickly come to an end, the kids are back in school and everyone is getting back into the swing of things. Here at NFPCCmp;A we are rolling up our sleeves as we enter the busy fall season and we have some exciting news to share with you all. We recently welcomed two new Consultants to the NFPCCmp;A family, Charles Holtsclaw and Hunter Byrne. Charles brings valuable legal expertise and Hunter brings strong financial and analytical experience to the NFPCCmp;A team. We are excited to add them to our already magnificient team.Additionally, we have some great reads to share with you regarding the controversial CEO pay ratios and pay caps. The first is an NFPCCmp;A original article that takes you back in time and revisits a Wall Street Journal article from 1977 that dives into this hot topic. In the article from CBS News, you’ll take a closer look at Ben & Jerry’s attempt to cap CEO pay, and how this shows that the cap had to be removed in order to attract, retain and motivate a valid candidate.We appreciate each and every one of you. As always, let us know if there is a particular subject you’d like to learn more about.

Brent Longnecker and the NFPCCmp;A Team
Chairman and CEO
Longnecker & Associates

CEO Pay Ratios Cap Will Not Work

Just last month, NFPCCmp;A’s “CEO Pay Ratio – Winter is Coming” article, authored by Ian Keas, Todd Henke and Chris Crawford, summed up the latest on the controversial pay ratio rule. This month, we dive into a related subject by taking a peek back in time to the mid-1970s. This past week, a 1977 Wall Street Journal article was re-circulated regarding pay ratios and pay caps. Consequently, we thought it was timely to re-address this hot topic.Read More
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Occupy Wall Street: Why Ben & Jerry’s Endorsement Rings Hollow

Ben & Jerry’s endorsed Occupy Wall Street today with a statement on its web site that says “The inequity that exists between classes in our country is simply immoral.” There is something cool about the fact that a gigantic international dairy concern attached its brand to a protest movement.Read More

Is Executive Pay Excessive?

Measured in constant after-tax dollars, incomes of corporation executives in the US have been going down fairly steadily for the last 25 years. And the gap between the after-tax real income of top management people and of all other employees, from rank-and-file up through middle management, has been shrinking rather than widening during the same period.Read More

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