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Kevin Kuschel

Senior Vice President

Kevin Kuschel joined the Longnecker & Associates team in 2009 and is currently the Senior Vice President. Mr. Kuschel is a Certified Executive Compensation Professional, Certified Compensation Professional, Senior Professional of Human Resources, and is Compensation Committee Certified. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston. Prior to joining Longnecker & Associates, he spent five years with Sysco Corporation in the human resources and HRIS departments. Mr. Kuschel is a member of Houston Compensation and Benefits Association and WorldatWork.

Executive Summary

Mr. Kuschel specializes in the analysis and design of executive and director compensation programs in both the public and private sector. In addition, Kevin has experience in corporate human resources, with a specific emphasis on HRIS and financial metrics analysis. He has consulted with clients across a wide range of industries, varying in revenue size from less than $1 million to $100 billion. Mr. Kuschel has authored and edited articles related to executive compensation and served as a co-contributor to many of L&A’s recent publications.

Executive Compensation Consulting Experience

  • Reviewed, analyzed, and designed competitive executive compensation programs including base salary, annual incentives, and long-term incentives.
  • Reviewed, analyzed and designed competitive board of director compensation programs.
  • Conducted reviews on Annual Incentive programs and designed competitive bonus structures in public and private companies.
  • Conducted reviews on Long-Term Incentive plans and designed competitive programs for public and private companies including stock options, restricted stock, performance shares and phantom stock.
  • Designed compensation programs for companies involved in turnaround situations, initial public offerings (IPO) and mergers and acquisitions.
  • Designed international executive total direct compensation packages.
  • Analyzed and reviewed executive employment contract provisions.
  • Provided consulting services for cases of under-compensation.
  • Modeled stock option awards through Black-Scholes and targeted gain approaches, including the valuation and strategies surrounding underwater options.
  • Provided analysis for litigation support engagements related to reasonable compensation, bankruptcy, employment contracts, shareholder oppression, and wrongful death.
  • Conducted job evaluation, job analysis and job classification studies for clients in various industries.
  • Reviewed and designed salary structures.


  • Texas Monthly Magazine, Best Companies to Work for in Texas, 2011 – 2020, ranked in the top 3 for 2011 – 2014
  • Houston’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work For 2014 and 2019
  • Houston Business Journal, Fast 100 List, 2018
  • Consulting Magazine, Rising Stars of the Profession – 35 under 35, 2018
  • Consulting Magazine, Fastest Growing Firms, 2017 and 2018
  • Houston Business Journal, Best Places to Work, 2010 – 2012 and 2017, ranked in the top 10 the first three years
  • Forbes, America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, 2016


Bachelor of Science – University of Houston, Houston, Texas


Senior Vice President, Longnecker & Associates

Co-Chief Operating Officer & Mountain States Practice Leader, Longnecker & Associates
Managing Partner, Longnecker & Associates
Director, Longnecker & Associates
Senior Consultant, Longnecker & Associates
Consultant, Longnecker & Associates
HRIS Analyst, Sysco Corporation
Payroll Coordinator, Sysco Corporation

Registered Trademarks Compensation/Business Processes Obtained

Weapons of Mass Excess™/WME™
Longnecker & Associates™

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Kuschel is a member of WorldatWork (formerly American Compensation Association) and Houston Compensation and Benefits Association

Certifications and Licenses

Certified Executive Compensation Professional (CECP) – WorldatWork
Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) – WorldatWork
Compensation Committee Certified (CCC) – Economic Research Institute
Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) – HR Certification Institute

Publications – Books

The Power of Restricted Stock: The Definitive Guide to a Resurging Long-Term Incentive FASB & AJCA
Update Edition, WorldatWork 2006. As a co-contributor, Mr. Kuschel assisted in the research, writing, and reviewing of this publication.

Publications – Articles Featured

“Job openings reflect growing confidence in midstream industry”, by Nischinta Amarnath, S&P Global Market Intelligence, June 29, 2016.

“Survey Reveals Midstream Companies Focusing on Retention Efforts”, by Valerie Jones, Rigzone, July 21, 2016.

“Midstream: A Silver Lining in Oil, Gas Downturn?”, by Valerie Jones, Rigzone, March 29,2016.

“Setting Your Compensation Committee Calendar”, by Ralph Ward, Boardroom Insider, December 2015.

“American Airlines CEO Gives Up Cash in Shift to Stock Only”, by Mary Schlangenstein and Thomas Black, Bloomberg.com, April 22, 2015.

“What to look for in J.C. Penney’s filing to shareholders next week”, by Maria Halkias, Dallas News.com, March 21, 2013.

“Why Natural Gas Companies are at Risk of Failing SOP”, by Howard Risher, Compensation & Benefits Review, July 1, 2012.

“Say on Pay: Natural Gas Faces an Uphill Battle”, by Aparna Prusty, Sage Publications, May/June 2012 vol. 44.

“Young Consultants: How to Work with the Generation Gap”, by Collin Eaton, Houston Business Journal, May 15, 2012.

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