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Matthew Brown

Senior Consultant

Mr. Brown is a Senior Consultant for NFP Compensation Consulting. He joined the firm in 2017 and performs market analysis and benchmarking studies in support of executive compensation, board of director compensation and key employee compensation program reviews. In addition, Mr. Brown performs analytics for compensation as it relates to the Research & Development tax credit. He holds an Associate of Arts degree and is pursuing his Bachelor’s in Business from Sam Houston State University. Mr. Brown is also a member of WorldatWork and holds a Compensation Analyst Credential and is Compensation Committee Certified.

Executive Summary

Mr. Brown provides analytic consulting for executive, board of directors and key employee compensation in both public and privately held companies across various industries.

Executive Compensation Consulting Experience

  • Conducts analyses on competitive executive compensation programs, including base salary, annual incentives and long-term incentives.
  • Conducts analyses on competitive board of director compensation programs.
  • Designs, conducts and manages compensation surveys.
  • Conducts analyses on competitive all employee compensation programs and designs intuitive templates for client use.


  • Texas Monthly Magazine, Best Companies to Work for in Texas, 2011 – 2020, ranked in the top 3 for 2011 – 2014
  • Houston’s Best & Brightest Companies to Work For 2014, 2019 and 2020
  • Houston Business Journal, Fast 100 List, 2018
  • Consulting Magazine, Fastest Growing Firms, 2017 and 2018
  • Houston Business Journal, Best Places to Work, 2010 – 2012 and 2017, ranked in the top 10 the first three years
  • Forbes, America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, 2016


Lonestar College – Associate of Arts, Business Administration and Computer Science


Senior Consultant, NFP Compensation Consulting

Consultant, NFP Compensation Consulting

Professional Affiliations

Mr. Brown is a member of WorldatWork.

Certifications And Licenses

Compensation Analyst Credential (CAC) – Economic Research Institute
Compensation Committee Certified (CCC) – Economic Research Institute

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