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Brent Longnecker Quoted in HBJ Article About Oxy CEO’s Pay

Occidental Petroleum has reported its executive and median employee pay, and CEO Vicki Hollub makes 110 times the compensation of her median employee. Our Chairman & CEO, Brent Longnecker, was quoted regarding this pay ratio issue in a recent article by Joshua Mann of the Houston Business Journal.

In response to this issue, Longnecker said, “The really interesting use for the pay ratio will come in three to five years, when a given company has reported that figure several times. We will be interested to see how the ratio changes as public companies grow and go through transformations via mergers and acquisitions. We’ll have some interesting data points. The ratio and outright compensation numbers might vary from company to company because different types and sizes of companies will not only handle compensation differently, they will also likely employ different kinds of people.”

To read the full article, please click this link: Here’s How Much Oxy’s CEO Makes Compared to its Median Employee.

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