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February 2017 L-BLAST: An Interview with our CEO | 2017 Midstream Industry Compensation Survey

Dear All,
This winter seems to have flown by quickly and soon spring will be here; although here in Houston it has felt like spring for the last few months! We at NFPCCmp;A have been busy helping our public clients with CD&As and proxies. Compensation decisions don’t end with the numbers and approvals – the communication to shareholder and stakeholders is just as key.On an exciting note, our “spotlight consultant” below, Ian Keas will be heading up our new Denver office which opens next month. We are excited about being in Denver and having Ian as that region’s leader and as NFPCCmp;A’s representative in the market.This month’s L-Blast is unique since I recently sat on the National Association of Corporate Directors panel and was asked a series of questions related to topics currently effecting many of our clients. These topics specifically address the public’s perception of executive compensation and it being high; pay not being aligned with performance; my views on relative TSR and many other controversial topics that typically gain the middle of the fairway rhetoric. We hope you enjoy this piece and welcome any additional questions or topics you may have.As always, we appreciate each one of you. If there are any particular topics you’d like to learn more about, please let us know.


Brent Longnecker and the NFPCCmp;A Team
Chairman and CEO
Longnecker & Associates

An Interview with our CEO

In a recent National Association of Corporate Directors panel, Longnecker & Associates’ CEO, Brent Longnecker, was asked a series of questions related to current hot button compensation topics. Through his extensive work as both a consultant, executive and director, his insights into these various topics are interesting and even edgy at times.Read More

MIDSTREAM Industry Compensation Survey

Launches April 1
At NFPCCmp;A, we’ve designed our 2017 Midstream Industry Compensation Survey to concisely and powerfully assess market trends and establish position benchmarks for companies in the midstream energy industry. This survey will provide current compensation trends as they relate to pay policies and practices, annual incentive measures and metrics, long-term incentive eligibility, vehicles, and distributions, new-hire bonuses and grants, retention bonuses and grants, severance and change-in-control. This survey is scheduled to launch April 1, and final survey results will be available only to participating organizations.Read More

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