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Original NFPCC ARTICLE: An Interview with our CEO

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In a recent National Association of Corporate Directors panel, Longnecker & Associates’ CEO, Brent Longnecker, was asked a series of questions related to current hot button compensation topics. Through his extensive work as both a consultant, executive and director, his insights into these various topics are interesting and even edgy at times. While his answers aren’t typical of the “middle of the fairway rhetoric” we so often hear, the logic and evidence behind them is irrefutable. We have summarized 5 key hot button topics below with Brent Longnecker’s commentary on each:
1. Is the public’s perception of executive compensation correct – that it’s just too high?
2. You mentioned pay not being aligned with performance. Why is pay not in alignment with performance?
3. What do investors want with executive pay?
4. What are your views on relative TSR?
5. What are your thoughts on the bonus payout debate of formula vs. discretion?

To read Brent’s answers, click here.

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