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PRESS RELEASE: NFPCC Closes 2nd Annual Energy LTI Survey

We released this Press Release yesterday regarding our Energy LTI Survey:

Longnecker & Associates Closes Second-Annual Energy Long-Term
Incentive Survey
Consulting Firm Closes Its One-Of-A-Kind Survey

HOUSTON – August 4, 2015 – Longnecker & Associates, a strategic compensation and corporate governance consulting firm based in Houston, recently closed its second annual energy long-term incentive survey. The survey results will be published to participants in September.

Unique to Longnecker & Associates, the survey aims to identify market trends associated with long-term incentives, such as philosophy and pay practices, target and actual compensation, and vehicle design and prevalence. Having been in the compensation consultancy for nearly 30 years, the firm created this survey to tackle the difficult task of obtaining competitive long-term incentive compensation data and to use that data to help guide its clients. While compensation surveys are typically cumbersome, Longnecker & Associates administered the survey through its proprietary method that’s more intuitive and streamlined.

“In the midst of today’s geopolitical challenges, the energy industry must maintain its focus on attracting, retaining and motivating the talented leaders who will see them through tomorrow,” said Brent Longnecker, chairman and CEO of Longnecker & Associates. “At Longnecker & Associates, we are confident that our national energy leaders will rise to the occasion and shift the gears back from surviving to thriving again. We know this survey is one of the tools leaders will use to accomplish this.”

Although the survey is now closed, interested and qualified parties have the opportunity to participate in the survey next year. All organizations in the energy industry are considered qualified parties. Participants are expected to answer questions about their organizations’ long-term incentives and are asked to provide compensation data associated with specific positions. The survey’s run dates are typically between May and June, and results are available to participants only. Interested parties can visit for more information.

About Longnecker & Associates
Established in 2003, Longnecker & Associates is a nationally recognized strategic compensation and governance consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. The firm’s consultants works with public, private and not-for-profit companies on a variety of complex compensation and governance situations that require strategic solutions. The firm is considered a thought leader on compensation and governance issues, and its consultants have been featured on MSNBC, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal and other national media, as well as speakers for WorldatWork, the Society of Human Resources Management and the American Management Association. For more information, visit

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