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PRESS RELEASE: NFPCC Releases Results for Its Annual Energy Pay Pulse Survey

Longnecker & Associates Releases Results for Its Annual Energy Pay Pulse Survey
Consulting Firm Closes Proprietary Energy Compensation Survey

HOUSTON – January 17, 2018 – Longnecker & Associates, a strategic compensation and corporate governance consulting firm based in Houston, recently closed its annual energy pay pulse survey. The firm will release the survey’s results to participants this month. Exclusive to Longnecker & Associates, the survey concisely and powerfully assesses market trends for companies in the energy industry. With nearly 30 years in the compensation consultancy industry, the firm designed the survey for organizations whose operations are primarily involved with the oil and gas industry. The survey captures current compensation trends as they relate to salary increases, employee hiring/turnover, bonus payouts, incentive grant awards and retention practices. This year’s survey generated notable results: based on performance forecasts versus formula, annual incentive payouts for 2017 performance are projected to be between 100-125% of target; overall, 76% of organizations are projected to maintain LTI award values in 2018.

“NFPCCmp;A continues to comprehensively assess trends within the energy industry and observe the changes which are taking place to reflect the importance of retaining the talent that’s out there. We are excited to see the results from our annual energy pay pulse survey,” said Brent Longnecker, Chairman and CEO of Longnecker & Associates. Although the survey is now closed, interested and qualified parties may participate in the survey next year. Qualified parties are considered to be organizations whose direct or indirect operations are involved with the oil and gas industry. Participants are expected to answer questions about their organizations’ projected compensation decisions for the new year. The survey’s run date is typically in December, and results are available in January to participants only. Interested parties can visit for more information.

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Established in 2003, Longnecker & Associates is a nationally recognized strategic compensation and governance consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. The firm’s consultants work with public, private and not-for-profit companies on a variety of complex compensation and governance situations that require strategic solutions. The firm is considered a thought leader on compensation and governance issues, and its consultants have been featured on MSNBC, Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal and other national media, as well as speakers for WorldatWork, the Society of Human Resources Management and the American Management Association. For more information, visit

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