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What do people want in compensation and benefits?

Savvy leaders know that there is no business without people. But sorting out the egos, budgets and pitfalls in an attempt to keep the best people “on the bus” challenges most leaders. How do we deal with the economic reality, deliver a heightened level of transparency and still make our companies look attractive? Dallas attorney, Linda A. Wilkins, had this to say: “I’ve worked with companies that have been listed in Fortune’s ‘Best Employers.’ In every case, the executive management team was committed to ethically fair and performance-based compensation throughout the organization.” Translation: employees recognize gains when the company is profitable, and everyone on the bus shares the pain when it’s not. 

Ashley Forbes Kellogg, president of Forbes-Robinson in Dallas recently wrote a story for The Dallas Business Journal and Brent Longnecker , Chairman and CEO of Longnecker and Associates in Houston contributed  some tips on handling employees and putting people first.

  1. There is a raging war for talent – would you work for you?
  2. Companies should support executives retiring on time.
  3. Internal inequities are of the past and employees are on watch.
  4. Senior management sacrificing for the “rank and file” will only increase strength.
  5. A culture emphasizing employee value and recognition will cultivate motivation.
  6. Be intentional about praising others and providing constructive criticism.
  7. Don’t micro-manage. Decide to trust your employees instead of control them.
  8. Allow people to disagree to promote good communication.
  9. Work from a position of humor, grace and mercy.
  10. Don’t let community involvement slide. There’s nothing better than supporting others. Get your hands dirty!

What do people want most? In a nutshell: alignment. They want what they see to add up to what they hear, and to feel like it all matters to someone.

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