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As leading employment agreement experts, NFP Compensation Consulting ’ (NFPCC) understands the importance of developing a solid employment agreement that respects the employee’s abilities and talent but protects the organization’s proprietary assets and interests. Our top-rated business consultants provide contract design, planning, and employee contract review services to protect your company’s bottom line. We have engaged and advised dozens of companies on employment agreement related issues since 2001, and continue helping corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations create the best employment agreements for their unique situations.

Why are Employment Agreements so Important?

New employer-employee relationships start off best with a good employee agreement. These documents outline the basic but most crucial elements of this relationship, such as employee benefits and salary, and provisions to protect the employer in the employment contract like non-compete and non-disclosure clauses. They detail specific guidelines with change of control provisions for executive employment agreements, anticipating executive severance compensation provisions, and executive compensation agreements.

The employment agreement consultants at NFPCC advise corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits create air tight contracts for employees, executives, and CEOs alike. Our employment contract advisors and consultants can design and create templates and custom agreements including, but not limited to, the examples below.

Employee Contract Examples

  • General Manager Employment Contract
  • Simple or Standard Employment Contract
  • Company Contracts for Employees
  • Bonus Clause in Employment Contract
  • Compensation Contracts
  • Employment Terms and Conditions
  • At Will Employment Agreements
  • Probationary Employment Contracts
  • COO Employment Contracts
  • CFO Employment Contracts
  • Resignation Agreement Contracts
  • Fixed Term Employment Contracts

Executive Employment Agreement Examples

  • Executive Employment Agreement
  • CEO Employment Agreements
  • Executive Employment Term Sheets
  • Equity Compensation Agreements
  • COO Employment Contracts
  • CFO Employment Contracts

Employment Agreement Services
Some of the advisory services we provide for employment contracts and agreements include but are not limited to:

  • Employment Contract Template Review
  • Employment Contract Drafting
  • Employment Agreement Review
  • Executive Employment Agreement Review & Design

The Process

Working with dozens of public and private companies on employment agreement related issues, NFPCC has developed a proven process to advise on retention of key employees through employment agreements.

Our process includes:
  1. Interacting with management and compensation committee to understand the goals and objectives of the company to ensure employment contract alignment.
  2. Interviewing managers and reviewing employment agreements and contracts to ensure cohesion with company culture and vision.
  3. Review current employment agreements within the organization’s market or industry to determine competitive provisions needed to improve employment contracts and agreements.
  4. Conducting market competitive analyses as it relates to employment agreements (inclusive of terms of agreements, automatic renewals, period of notice, and non-compete/non-solicitation).
  5. Serving as an independent, third-party employment agreement advisor and offering expert recommendations.

The Result

NFPCC has implemented hundreds of employee and employment contracts, resulting in increased protection for employees, executives and companies. Contact us to learn more about our contract review, drafting services in Houston, Texas.

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