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NFP Compensation Consulting Not-for-Profit Comp Advisory Firm

Worried about compensation program compliance? Our nonprofit compensation consulting experts can analyze your current plan, and formulate a strategy to maintain compliance while retaining talent with competitive incentive plans. Not-for-profit entities continue to face unique challenges and increased scrutiny from the IRS when it comes to their compensation, therefore developing an effective compensation strategy is key to the success of the organization. As compensation experts in the not-for-profit sector, NFP Compensation Consulting (NFPCC) can help navigate the complex waters of non-profit compensation while ensuring 409A compliance, reasonableness of compensation, competitiveness and sound governance. Our consulting firm is headquartered in Houston, Texas serving the greater Southwest region of the United States.

Non-Profit Comp Analysis & Planning Process

NFPCC has traversed the regulatory climate and worked with hundreds of local, regional and national not-for-profit organizations to provide effective compensation programs unique to this sector. Our process and methodology ensure well-developed compensation plans that attract, motivate and retain top talent while preserving the organization’s tax status and intermediate sanction avoidance. NFPCC’s consultants can provide recommendations and best practices for setting not only nonprofit CEO salaries but also non profit salaries for other executives, board of directors and employees of all levels within the organization.

Nonprofit Compensation Consulting Process

Our process includes:

    1. Regular interaction with board members and stakeholders. It’s important to understand board composition and culture to develop strategies that maximize board effectiveness. NFPCC can advise on best practices for non-profit Boards.
    2. Communication with company management to best understand the organization’s mission and each person’s role in value creation.
    3. Compensation strategies are most effective when they align with the company’s mission and values.
    4. Obtain nonprofit salary reports and conduct external market comparables to executive roles/responsibilities to establish a basis for comparison, reasonability and competitiveness with other not-for-profit companies within the same industry.
    5. Review current compensation plan as well as historical compensation including potential supplemental executive retirement plan contributions.
    6. Ensure a full understanding of the necessary components of compensation and how each functions, both independently and together.
    7. Develop the proper mix of base salary, incentives and retirement benefits that are unique to the organization. Incentive plans in not-for-profit companies are a great way to boost performance and are proven to attract top performers, however there are important safeguards to consider. NFPCC is here to assist in identifying what types of incentives should be used and how they should be implemented.

The Result

At NFPCC, we fully understand the competitive landscape where not-for-profits compete for leadership talent while navigating potentially turbulent media/donor relations. The results driven by NFPCC further support these great causes and are able to diffuse any potential public perception surrounding the compensation program. Contact NFP Compensation Consulting below for a customized plan that will take your not-for-profit organization to the next level.

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