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Strategic Governance Advisory, Research & Proxy Analysis.

NFP Compensation Consulting (NFPCC, ) provides corporate governance consulting services using a holistic approach to foster the relationship between a company and its independent advisor. Our team is comprised of consultants who develop strategies that are aligned with shareholder/stakeholder interests and your organization’s goals and objectives. Our corporate governance consultants work closely with the board and management of public, private and not-for-profit organizations on strategic and governance issues.

Corporate Governance Advisory Services

  • Providing educational opportunities for the board of directors.
  • Developing a board of director governance checklist.
  • Developing and incorporating board of director governance strategies.
  • Developing committee charters.
  • Evaluating board of director performance.
  • Proxy advisory services and reports.
  • Reviewing and drafting employment agreements.
  • Navigating issues surrounding a strategic transaction or IPO.
Compensation Risk Assessment + -

Our team will assess all incentive programs and structures to ensure they do not promote undue risk taking.
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Compensation Philosophy + -

We aid in the development of compensation philosophies that guide the committee and company in setting and maintaining appropriate compensation plans and levels.

Compensation Committee Calendars + -

We know that ensuring the consistency of processes and completion of all necessary tasks is important, so we will develop a calendar to guide companies through a step-by-step process that enhances governance and increases ease of the compensation planning process.

Compensation Committee Charters + -

Whether drafting a new charter or completing a review, our team will assist in the development of a compliant charter to provide the committee proper oversight of the compensation process.

Evaluating Board Performance + -

NFPCC’s leadership experience gained from serving on various board of directors, coupled with our active involvement in the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), means our firm understands the importance of conducting independent and thorough board and director evaluations. NFPCC works with the board to develop, customize and perform these evaluations to increase a board’s effectiveness and accountability while improving its relationship with management.

ISS Analysis + -

With ISS wielding more power, attempting to understand potential voting outcomes can be beneficial. Our team uses models to project peer groups, performance analyses and equity plan proposals in an effort to fully prepare committees of public companies.

Board Boot Camps + -

The compensation landscape and regulatory environment are drastically changing. In order to keep boards up-to-date and educated, we conduct company-specific “boot camps.”
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Non-Compete Valuation + -

We value the executive non-compete agreements that aid in 280(g) calculations, thereby reducing the amount of compensation applicable toward the excise tax safe harbor limits in change-in-control situations.

Turnaround, Restructuring & Bankruptcy + -

Certain situations require unique compensation solutions, and our team has significant experience in these solutions. Turnaround, corporate restructuring and reorganization, and bankruptcies call for companies to develop compensation plans that enhance retention and position the company for a successful return to normal business.

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Mergers & Acquisitions + -

Developing and implementing compensation programs that effectively promote successful integrations of companies is a process requiring significant strategic thought and innovative planning. We work on the assessment of human resource strategies and cultures to develop solutions that enhance the effectiveness of merging company processes and cultures.

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Retention Plans/Succession Plans + -

Our team develops plans to enhance employee retention through strategic efforts or market downturns.

Shareholder Meeting Strategy + -

We will assist in the development of key talking points related to company performance, compensation and their relationship to shareholder value creation.

Shareholder Outreach Strategy + -

We work with the company and the committee to develop a strategy for communicating compensation and governance-related items to key company stakeholders with the goal of enhancing positive voting outcomes. We also work with the CEO and any board members on key talking points as they relate to compensation or performance indicators that affect executive compensation. This collaboration is intended to highlight executive/shareholder alignment.

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Investor Relations Strategy + -

By working with management, we’ll develop an overarching IR strategy aimed at enhancing the analyst readership and improving overall understanding of company disclosures. This involves key items such as: earnings release drafting/review, presentation press releases and summarizations, enhancing transparency, goal setting process, and identifying outside factors which may affect your company’s coverage. Our team will assist in the drafting of key press and earnings releases.


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