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Developing effective compensation plans for board members, executives, and all employees in your organization can be overwhelming. Our team of award-winning compensation consultants provide independent, third-party compensation planning with incentive and goal-oriented rewards that motivate and drive business performance. A compensation consultant’s role is to provide expert guidance and advisory for creative incentive planning, design, and implementation; current pay and salary rates by industry, position, or job; and help with corporate governance and SEC compliance. We offer insights, market trends and best practices regarding compensation across a broad spectrum of positions including executives, board members, management and various conventional employee positions.

Compensation consulting services

When you’re looking for an objective voice to account for every aspect of a compensation plan, turn to NFP Compensation Consulting . As a strategic corporate governance and compensation consulting firm, we provide you with an independent assessment and a customized plan of action that meets your business’ unique needs. We are a relationship-focused consultancy headquartered in Houston, Texas, yet maintain a national reach with decades of expertise and client success stories. We serve companies throughout the United States and in major cities across the nation including Washington DC, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Whether you’re a public, private, or not-for-profit entity seeking advisory, our highly experienced team of consultants work diligently to put your business on the right track.


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Our Services

Compensation Consulting

Incentive Plan Design

Restructuring Compensation

Governance Advisory

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Case Studies Conducted by NFPCC

To predict and understand market trends, NFP Compensation Consulting conducts extensive research in executive compensation, litigation support, and corporate strategy and governance. Our case studies thoroughly examine the trajectories of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. For more information on our findings and their impact on your industry, explore our case studies in the following areas:


Private Organizations

Public Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Litigation Support

Strategy & Governance

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