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Four-day Workweeks are Gaining Traction

Despite remote working exponentially increasing over the last two years, the standard workweek has continued to be five days, which became the standard roughly 80 years ago. You might be wondering why five-day workweeks are in place and the answer is fairly straightforward:...

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The L-Blast | March 2022

Compensation for a Multigenerational Workforce Employers are currently facing challenges on all levels. Among them are human capital concerns regarding attraction and retention, and their direct link to compensation and the total rewards landscape. Today's workforce is...

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Compensation for a Multigenerational Workforce

In times of economic uncertainty and heightened retention concerns across all employers, utilizing capital to its highest utility is of the utmost importance. NFPCC has been diligently focused on the strategic use of compensation within client organizations. Specifically,...

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The L-Blast | November 2021

Combating the Great Resignation The Great Resignation continues to exacerbate workforce concerns with no end in sight. As more and more companies struggle with retaining and attracting needed talent, it has become critical to dive into the root causes of this phenomenon...

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Strategies to Combat the Great Resignation

The employment market reflects drastic changes following the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 4.4 million workers left their jobs in September of this year with no indication of slowing. The old-school model of employee loyalty to a firm has been...

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The L-Blast | September 2021

In this month's L-Blast, we turn our attention to a topic that is quickly becoming top of mind for many companies and has gained quite a bit of media attention over the past few months. We are talking about a phenomenon we've come to know as The Great Resignation. What...

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Recruiting & Retention Crunch

The effect of the 2020/2021 economy has wrecked recruiting and budget plans, causing a shifting of power. Specifically, the transition and pausing of business in the early months of the pandemic resulting in a precipitous decline across all sectors. The economy has...

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The L-Blast | June 2021

Dear Clients & Friends, The Olympic Trials of late have been amazing, so much new talent will be representing soon as a nation. A talent that had to train and adapt through Covid – but a group of wonderful, talented athletes that set new standards and great goals....

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