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Corporate Sustainability: The Board’s Role in Oversight

In this article we're sharing, MCC (Metropolitan Corporate Counsel) interviews Robyn Bew, director of research, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), which recently published its Director’s Handbook on Oversight of Corporate Sustainability Activities.
Some of the questions addressed in this interview include:
1) People often think of corporate sustainability activities in terms of environmental, energy or corporate philanthropy-related issues. How does NACD define sustainability?
2) Why is sustainability a board-level issue? 
3) Do boards typically place these oversight responsibilities in a dedicated sustainability committee? 
4) What is the impact of increased investor attention to sustainability practices on company disclosures, and what are the particular implications for audit committees?
5) What information do directors want from GCs and management on sustainability matters?
6) Are there existing reporting frameworks that management should consult in disclosing sustainability information?
7) What other trends or emerging practices are you seeing from NACD members in the area of sustainability oversight?


Click here to read the full interview.






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