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EpiPen Maker Dispenses Outsize Pay

In this Wall Street Journal article entitled, “EpiPen Maker Dispenses Outsize Pay“, the author points out potential excessive pay (based on peer group) and aligning business decisions purely due to desired achievement of incentive plans versus company profits.

Here is a snippet of the rationale from WSJ:

One reason that Mylan ranked so high in the compensation analysis is that the company paid three top executives a total of at least $70 million apiece over that five-year period. The three were Chairman Robert J. Coury, Chief Executive Heather Bresch and President Rajiv Malik. All three Mylan executives ranked among the 20 highest-paid in the drug industry over the five years, a distinction unmatched by any other company. Each of these three Mylan executives was paid more than Robert Bradway, chairman and CEO of biotech giant Amgen Inc., which Mylan counts in its peer group. Amgen is more than twice Mylan’s size by revenue and has six times the market value of Mylan. Amgen’s stock outperformed Mylan’s 155% rise over the five-year study period by 40 percentage points.

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