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NFP Compensation Insights | October 2022

Executive Retention Strategies

By now, we are all well aware of the high turnover rates in the employee population and the Great Resignation phenomenon. Companies have been implementing creative strategies for attraction and retention to deal with this ongoing challenge. But what about turnover at the executive level? Although not at the same alarming rates as employee resignations, executive turnover has reached new highs over the last two years. This presents a new level of concern as executives require different and more complex methods of retention. Retaining executives is critical to business success and the vehicles need to be carefully selected to meet the goals of the award.

In our featured article in this edition of NFP Compensation Insights, we explain key considerations to some of the most prevalent executive retention strategies. We hope this information is helpful in improving the effectiveness of your executive compensation programs. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need expert advice on your executive retention plans.

Executive Retention Strategies in a Turnover-Heavy Market

By Kevin Kuschel

“Where have all the people gone?” An HR executive recently posed this question, a question to which an answer is unclear. He was right, where are they? Turnover is on the rise and hiring more difficult than ever. There just doesn’t seem to be a pool of talent, and where talent exists, the cost of acquiring them, or even retaining them for that matter, is prohibitive. Since businesses rely on quality talent, finding the answer to this riddle has become the obsession of C-suite executives and their HR departments.

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CEO Turnover Is Picking Up Again As The Pandemic Wanes—But Not For Poor Performance

As boards chose familiarity and a steady hand amid pandemic turbulence, CEO turnover was down last year. That’s starting to change, according to data provided exclusive to Forbes from the Conference Board.

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Hospital and Healthcare CEOs Lead Turnover in 2022

Year-to-date hospital CEO exits are up 13% from last year. Technology firms, government and nonprofit entities, and healthcare organizations are in the lead for CEO turnover so far in 2022, the latest Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, Inc. CEO Turnover Report has found.

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