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NFP’s Executive Benefits Trends Study Reveals Critical Insights for Competitive Compensation Packages

NFP has conducted an in-depth survey around executive compensation and benefits to help you stay abreast of the latest trends affecting the industry. We understand attracting and retaining top-level executive talent is paramount for your organization’s success and NFP’s executive benefits trends study provides critical insights for shaping competitive compensation packages. Some of the key findings reveal:

  • Most business leaders have found executive benefits to be highly effective in retaining key talent.
  • The majority report offering lucrative non-qualified deferred compensation plans to attract and retain valued executives.
  • Supplemental benefits like executive medical insurance and college tuition can round out a compelling executive package for recruitment and retention.

NFP’s study equips businesses with data-driven intelligence on constructing executive benefits plans tailored to the priorities of today’s leaders. By understanding the most attractive benefits from an executive perspective, your company can optimize offerings to retain irreplaceable talent.

Access the full report below for actionable marketplace insights to drive your executive retention approach.

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