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Shareholder Outreach Works!

The Dodd-Frank Act was passed several years ago, and since then Longnecker & Associates has been helping companies reach out to their shareholders, stakeholders, and advisory groups to educate, discuss and update issues around governance and compensation. We have always contended that outreach works. In fact, due to outreach efforts, one of our clients went from below 50% approval Say On Pay to more than 90% in a little over three years.

During this time, we’ve learned there are a significant amount of misconceptions, myths, and simply incorrect thoughts by many in the investment community, specifically with respect to compensation.

This is great news because educations efforts can help to change perceptions. As the chairman of one of our clients said, “This is something that is not only important but something we should be working on ALL YEAR.” Our NFPCCmp;A team completely agrees.

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