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L-Blast | July 2019

Dear All, As summer vacations wind down and kids start getting ready to go back to school, we too are preparing for what’s ahead in the busy fall season. We have some great articles to share with you in this month’s L-Blast that we hope you find insightful. Our first...

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L-Blast | June 2019

Dear All, Summer is here and we are officially halfway through 2019! It’s a good time for all of us to assess where we are with our goals for the year and recalibrate as needed to achieve those objectives. We have some great pieces to share with you in this month’s...

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L-Blast | December 2018

Dear All, It’s hard to believe 2018 is quickly coming to an end. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2019! We at NFPCC are very grateful for another great year and for all of you. We look forward to the new challenges and opportunities the new...

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L-Blast | October 2018

Dear All,  It’s hard to believe the holidays are around the corner and soon we will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate and wrap up 2018! Here at NFPCC are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving, one of our favorite holidays, and are grateful for all of you and the...

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L-Blast | August 2018

Dear All, Just like that, summer break has come and gone and school is back in session! As we gear up for the busy fall season we took a moment to evaluate our goals as well as our team members. We are excited to announce another round of promotions within our NFPCC staff! Read...

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L-Blast | July 2018

Dear All, We hope you are staying cool and enjoying vacations with your families. The start of school is around the corner and just like the kids, we too are gearing up for the busy fall season.   In this edition of the L-Blast we have some great articles to share with you...

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L-Blast | May 2018

Dear All, Summer is around the corner as another school year comes to an end and with it the first proxy season requiring CEO pay ratios. As I mentioned in a recent HBJ article, the really interesting use for the pay ratio will come in three to five years, when a given company...

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NFPCC Original Article: What are We Paying For?

Non Performance-Based Compensation Factors & Why they Matter Too Add together the volatile ingredients of egregious CEO pay articles, gender pay gaps, say-on-pay votes, CEO pay ratio legislation, media bias, market volatility, compensation lawsuits, collegiate athlete pay...

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L-Blast | March 2018

Dear All, Spring is finally here and with it the first CEO Pay Ratio disclosures of 2018! Although we are still in the early stages of proxy season, we are already seeing eye-catching data for the newly required pay ratio disclosure. It will be interesting to see how this...

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L-Blast | January 2018

Dear All, We are well into the start of the new year and although 2018 has greeted us with some extremely cold temperatures that paralyzed our city for a couple of days, we at NFPCC have hit the ground running and are gearing up for proxy season. In this first L-Blast of 2018...

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L-Blast | November 2017

Dear All, This holiday season we at Longecker & Associates are reminded of how truly blessed we are to watch those we advise make a difference in their companies, community and many more areas. In the spirit of advising, we have some great articles to share with you all...

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L-Blast | October 2017

Dear All, It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us, but what an exciting time it is for our great city of Houston as the Astros compete for their first World Series title! We may be champions by the time this hits your inbox, but whether we win or not, we are proud of...

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L-Blast | September 2017

"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but to serve others at whatever cost.” - ARTHUR ASHE Dear All, That quote holds true even weeks after the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey and reminds us...

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Why CEOs Aren’t Overpaid

While CEO pay has been a hot topic for many years, it has come back into the spotlight after the House of Representatives recently voted to repeal the Dodd-Frank legislation. Critics are complaining that transparency is necessary to lower CEO pay, but we are sharing this Fortune...

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Media Bias in CEO Pay

On March 13, 2017, published an article comparing compensation of Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO, and her replacement, Thomas J. McInerney. This article, titled “Yahoo’s new Male CEO Will Make Double Marissa Mayer’s Salary,” reports limited information and...

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Incentive Plan Goal Setting

One of the biggest issues facing boards today is setting goals for incentive plans. How do companies find that balance between motivating executives, aligning with the company's strategic goals, and satisfying shareholders? This article by ClearBridge analyzed the goals for...

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The “Buy Side” View on CEO Pay

This article is about executive compensation being highly controversial with most Americans feeling that CEO compensation among large publicly traded corporations is a problem. This article goes in depth to discuss how executive compensation practices have changed in the recent...

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