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Executive Pay: It’s Not All About Performance

While not all pay is justifiable, executive compensation continues to be unnecessarily painted in a severely negative light. In the world of governance, it is a common topic which bands together the masses against the few, falsely highlighting inequity and greed. While...

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ESG and Executive Pay: A Perpetual Discussion

Sustainability goals are now widely considered on par with more traditional KPIs and are slowly becoming standardized as external pressures continue to push corporations to tie non-financial measures to executive pay; however, this hasn’t always been the case, clearly. So...

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Fall Compensation Bootcamp

Are you looking for a virtual, yet comprehensive compensation training program? NFP has your back! Our Fall 2023 Compensation Bootcamp is now open for registration. Our team of nationally recognized experts will give you the opportunity to learn the basics as well as...

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Compensation Risk Assessments

Incentive compensation holds an important yet unique place within a company’s pay program initiatives. Both long and short-term incentive plans should be designed to balance attracting and retaining top-level talent in conjunction with motivating behaviors to achieve a...

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Oh, Pay vs. Performance! Oh, My Goodness!

Pay vs. Performance? “Okay, it’s happening, everyone stay calm.” – Michael Scott Last month, after nearly a decade, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted final Pay vs. Performance rules (“Final Rules”). These Final Rules, while more complex than...

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The L-Blast | April 2022

ESG & Executive Compensation Linking environmental, social, and governance metrics to executive compensation is becoming increasingly prevalent. Pressures from investors, shareholders, environmental and rights advocates, and the government are pushing companies...

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The L-Blast | February 2022

New Focus on Executive Pay for Performance Executive compensation and pay for performance have always been a hot topic, but the SEC's recent reopening for comments on its pay versus performance rule has put renewed focus on this highly debated issue. A push from the SEC...

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The L-Blast | January 2022

Inflation and Executive Compensation It's a new year and as inflation continues to rise, budgetary concerns regarding compensation take center stage. We have been writing on this topic for several months, focusing primarily on the effects on salaries at the employee...

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Rising Inflation and Executive Salary Increases

Salary budget planning for 2022 has been a hot discussion as companies moved to finalize budgets for this year. In general, salary forecast trends for 2022 are currently tracking to be about one percent higher than previous projections earlier in 2021. Recent pulse surveys...

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The L-Blast | December 2021

Compensation Strategies & Trends for 2022 The end of the year is upon us and planning for 2022 is underway. How can organizations navigate the unprecedented workforce challenges we are seeing? Tight labor markets, inflation, covid concerns, and various compensation issues...

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The L-Blast | October 2021

Reassessing Compensation Peer Groups Peer group selection has always played a key role in the executive compensation planning process. While peer group composition may have been somewhat static in previous years, companies are now at a point in which reassessment is...

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The L-Blast | August 2021

  Another proxy season is behind us, and like every year, we had an opportunity to take notice of trends, specifically as they relate to executive compensation disclosures. In this case, we see companies are taking approaches to more clearly portray the link between pay,...

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Executive Perks Today

Executive compensation in the eyes of shareholders and outside observers is a complex, intriguing subject matter that always has people talking. As for public company executives, with their compensation required to be disclosed, the discussion around how much the company...

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